was once operated by Red Hen Farming Systems, one of the leading provider of precision agriculture navigation equipment and management software.

Nowadays, this site is your GPS Navigator to Shopping Resources on the Internet. That way, you could still say that the product this site offers is still GIS (geographic information system) - oriented: Not in a strictly physical geographical way, but in a figurative way.

As this site's adressees were farmers in the first place, we start by presenting shopping options for those as well:

With regard to sports, windsurf freaks can purchase their equipment at Surfshop Windstaerke 7. Windstaerke is German for Beaufort, so it is 7 Beaufort. But the Surf Shop also offers surfboards and stuff for Newbies and hobby surfers. It also has a range of products for standup paddle surfing. The Germany-based Shop offers the can ship their sails, boards, wishbones, boardbags and other windsurf stuff worldwide, always trying to make the best prices possible.

Other online shopping resources can be obtained at http://www.onlineshop-catalog and There, you can also find stores that provide GIS Software, GPS receivers and other navigation soft- and hardware. Please do not ask us about what happened to the farmgis software, to Red Hen Systems or GPS or to stuff because we really do not know. Please also visit the caravan awning shop

Are you a shop operator that also wants to be listed on this site? Please contact us, I am sure to be able to find an appropriate arrangement for both parties.



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Site last updated on July 16 2008.